This is the paddle leash stripped to its bare essentials. No more heavy coils or soaked tubular webbing. We created the most comfortable paddle leash. It is constructed with Super Stretch paddle strap material and is lined with a shaft-gripping material that will keep your leash firmly in place. Once you attach the strap to your paddle, it stays exactly where you put it. We use nylon fasteners and shock cord specifically designed for outdoor use. (No more locked up and corroded brass fasteners to maintain!) Our super strong 5mm shock cord is twice as thick as most other bungee paddle leashes. Keep all of your expensive gear safe and secure. Can be used for paddles, fishing poles, electronics, safety equipment, etc. Made in the USA. Not to be used as a safety device.
  • Super Strong lightweight design for ultimate paddling comfort.
  • Generous 4 ft. of shock cord for all paddling styles.
  • Gripper insert keeps paddle strap from sliding up and down the paddle shaft.
  • Stretch Strap fits all paddles including Greenland paddles.
  • Made in the USA. Lifetime Guarantee. Not to be used as a safety device.
Installing your Gripper paddle leash is quick and easy. Simply place the stretchable leash around the paddle shaft making sure that the gripper insert lays flat against the paddle shaft. Next, pull the hook Velcro side of the leash through the plastic loop and pull back and attach on to the Velcro strap. Now attach the secure lock snap hook on the other end of the leash to your kayaks rigging for a secure fit. The generous 4 foot of shock cord is great for all paddling styles including very wide strokes.

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