Our exclusive design greatly decreases the amount of splash from your paddle. Have a blast on the water all day long and stay dry. No more soaked lap, wet shirt, or spotty sunglasses. Weve tried these little wonders for countless hours and absolutely love them. These splash guards are made of a very grippy neoprene rubber that keeps them firmly attached to your paddle. Great for single piece paddles where it is nearly impossible to put standard drip rings on. These splash guards wrap around the shaft of your paddle and fasten shut with Velcro fastener. Its Patent Pending Cone shape holds water on the upstroke and drops it right back on the down stroke. An incredible improvement to any size or shape paddle. Sold in pairs. Made in the USA Patent Pending.

  • Exclusive design holds water on the upstroke and drops it right back on the down stroke.
  • Greatly decreases water drip & splash back from paddle; keeps hands and lap dry.
  • Works much better than drip rings alone.
  • Great for cold or warm weather kayaking.
  • Fits single, two-piece, and odd shaped paddles. Made in USA. Lifetime Guarantee.
Installing your paddle splash guards is quick and easy. Simply place each splash guard on to the paddle shaft and wrap around in to a cone shape. Attach the Velcro fasteners tightly together to create a water tight seal. Repeat process on the other side of your paddle. As kayaker's we all have many different styles of paddles and paddle strokes. Don't be afraid to experiment with the placement of your splash guards. Some of us place them right up at the blade and others pull them down the shaft quite a bit. Some remove them each time after use and others zip tie them on to their paddle so they are ready to go at a moment's notice. We hope that our products add enjoyment and comfort to your paddling experience.

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